Why Every Business Should Hire a Project Manager for Their Office Refurbishment

A company should think very hard before deciding to carry out an office refurbishment without external support from a project manager.

All too frequently office managers are given the task of coordinating a move or office fit out with often catastrophic results. While office manages are usually experienced in running the office and making sure the company runs smoothly, unless they have conducted an office relocation before they simply will not have the skills or expertise to run a successful office refurbishment or relocation.

The best role for your office manager during an office relocation is in making sure the business continues to run smoothly which, even more so during an office relocation, requires someone on board to make this happen. The office manager is needed to keep disruption to staff and clients to a minimum.

An average move has around 120 different office refurbishment company elements to deal with and are often significantly more technical and demanding than one first expects. Most problems experienced during an office refurbishment result from poor management and coordination. This often leads to delays during the relocation process that can be catastrophic to a business, often resulting in major disruption and additional costs. This is especially the case where the company is facing a lease expiry or break clause.

The relocation should be left to experienced project managers to run. Good project managers have the experience to manage all aspects of the relocation.

A project manager will communicate effectively with all of the main players involved in the relocation and office refurbishment including fit out companies, IT and telecoms firms, furniture suppliers, right through to the removals company, in order to make sure different contractors understand what they need to do.

The project manager will also make sure that any issues that arise during the office refurbishment are dealt with as quickly and smoothly as possible. Their experience is invaluable here.

The following are standard duties for a project manager:
– Financial planning, helping you to create a suitable budget
– Working with you to create a detailed project plan
– Facilitating a tender process to select, assess and engage suppliers
– Negotiating the best price with suppliers and making sure the works will not exceed the budget.
– Providing support on-site during the actual construction
– Quality control and snagging before signing off the project

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